Tears were welling in both Kira and Jim’s eyes. It seemed as though neither wanted what would soon happen to happen, but it would. Kira had only a couple of hours left before she would no longer be able to press restart.
I love the way that I feel.  I never would have believed that what I initially thought to be the biggest mistake of my life is now, honestly, one of the things I am most happy about having done.  
...If that’s the cost of feeling this incredible, then so be it.  I just might have to do it again and again.  It’s a feeling that I could hang on to forever.  And I’m going to try.  I don’t think that I want to live without this feeling.


Surviving University

Surviving University: An Introduction to Post Secondary Education is available from iBooks, Indigo, Barnes and Noble, and more!  Discover the ins and outs of university living, learning what to expect when you walk through the doors on your first day of classes.  

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